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by patients for patients and focused on their needs

This platform is for all patients living with a dysimmune/inflammatory peripheral neuropathy (GBS, CIDP, LSS, MMN, ...)

Participating in the NEUROQUALI project means allowing patients and their relatives to express themselves on life with the disease.

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Why a collaborative platform?

Very little data is available on patients with dysimmune inflammatory peripheral neuropathies and life with these diseases.

This lack of information is clearly an obstacle for improving patient's quality of life.

The participation of patients on the Neuroquali platform allows for a better understanding of their care and their needs in order to better help them live with the disease.

main objective: improving the quality of life main objective: improving the quality of life Get involved/Participate
    Get involved/Participate
    This survey is for patients for whom an inflammatory/dysimmune peripheral neuropathy was diagnosed (contact).